Tasmanian Grown English Elm Matching Banquet Tables


The matched boards for these magnificent matching tables came from two gigantic Heritage Listed Elm trees, blown down in a storm near St. Mary's. They were originally grown from seed, planted by the First Settler's into this area of Eastern Tasmania.

This Elm has beautiful tanned leather tones and the generous wide boards give a wonderful solid feel - just look at the legs: these are huge pieces of Solid Elm !

Each table measures:  2.1m long x 1.0m wide x 760mm tall
Combined as featured: 4.2m long x 1.0m wide x 760mm tall

The ultimate Medieval refectory banquet table, fit for Odin's hall in Valhalla ! In time, we will have two benches in the same timber & style, for the perfectly grand dining experience.

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