Huon Birds Eye and Hall Table with matching mirror SOLD

An exquisite Huon Pine Birds Eye Myrtle Hall Table/Console plus a matching mirror ! 

These stunning pieces of furniture are made wholly from Huon and Myrtle !  timber runners, no screws, no nails just beautiful Tasmanian timber, every part of them, made in the old fashioned way : By Hand ! 

Hand cut Huon dowels for the Myrtle Trim with Dovetail jointed drawer ! very traditional. 

The dimensions of the console are : 1250 mm in width, 455 mm in depth and 820 mm in height. The matching mirror is 1250 mm wide to match the console and 820 mm high. made in matching Birds Eye Huon and Myrtle.

A beautiful addition to your home. 

Enquire for more details, delivery services are available Australia Wide.



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