About Us

Welcome To Distinctive Furniture Tasmania


Distinctive Furniture Tasmania is a unique Tasmanian owned and operated company situated in Tasmania's NW in the city of Devonport. We are committed to using only the finest and highest grade timbers for our furniture and your custom built pieces. Some of the standout and prize winning features we look for to feature in out custom pieces are.

- Burl

- Tiger 

- Fiddleback 

- Quilting 

- Birds Eye 

Our furniture is designed and built in-house from timbers aged between 60-2000 years ! Every piece of Distinctive Timber is carefully selected, machined, planed, sanded, and dealt with in a manner to ensure maximum feature and thoughtfulness of the furniture, which means no two pieces are ever the same!  We pride ourselves on creating the finest quality furniture and custom made pieces that will last generations. We look forward to working along side you to create your dream furniture piece.