Rainbow Blackheart Sassafras 3pc Ensemble SOLD CAN BE RE-ORDERED

This sensational timber is the very rarest of the already very rare Sassafras !

 Blackheart Sassafras is a term used to describe the dark staining that occurs in the Sassafras tree caused by storm damage and rain running down the inside of the tree.

 Rainbow Blackheart is the term used to describe the amazing colouring and spalting effect that occurs in very rare circumstances to the already Blackheart staining.

It happens quite by accident after the Blackheart log is sawn into boards and then left to dry. It is not known how the patterning and “sketching” like lines are drawn by nature except to say that they are always unusual, different and never repeated and seem to be the result of moisture being trapped between the boards before they are dry. This also means the drying time before we can use theses boards in handmade furniture is almost twice that of normal Sassafras.

We have only a very small quantity of this most beautiful material and have chosen to make a select few pieces of premium Tasmanian wood furniture, using a process of laminating a solid layer of Rainbow Blackheart Sassafras over boards of Sassafras to show off the “Rainbow” effect and enabling the whole piece of furniture to be made of Solid Sassafras in every part even the parts not seen such as the interior construction, the back, the drawer components, the door backs, and base etc 

This one off “Buffet Unit” and matching mirror cannot be repeated !

This Buffet unit is finished in a semi gloss lacquer giving it a gentle sheen and a lovely tactile feel to the timber.  It has invisible opening finger grips and uses all German draw runners and hinges providing a delightful “soft close”  experience.

The coffee table uses the same stunning Rainbow Blackheart Sassafras, in a functional & modern design - all perfectly matched with the other two pieces of furniture.

The mirror also uses premium matched Rainbow Blackheart Sassafras, to complete the set.

Buffet Measures: 1500 mm long x 445 mm deep x 795 mm high

Coffee Table Measures: 1000 mm long x 455 mm deep x 820 mm high

Mirror Measures: 1500 mm long x 875 mm wide x 18 mm thick


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