Blackheart Sassafras "Aquilla" Dining Table [SOLD]

“Aquilla”  Blackheart Sassafras & Celery Top 8 seater fine dining set.


This beautiful table is the final one in our “Aquilla” range of gracefully curved artistic tables.  It is made from solid Blackheart Sassafras with a fine trim of Celery Top.  Both these timbers grow side by side in the Tasmanian forest.


This gorgeous table is made using traditional methods of gluing, clamping, wooden dowels, and lots of “hand” work to bring out the beauty residing in the timber. This type of table can’t be mass produced or machine made or copied, it is a true one off.


The solid Blackheart Sassafras tall chairs that belong with this table are modelled on a “Convict” style chair used in the Port Arthur Penal settlement in the mid 1800’s. The original ones were extremely uncomfortable forcing the convicts to remain upright for hours at a time. These however are very comfortable – Try them -- !!


We have none of these matched Slabs remaining in stock that suit this type of table so this is the last one !  There have only ever been three previous ones and they are all uniquely different.


Delivery is also no problem as we arrange delivery worldwide !

Dimensions: 2400mm long x 920mm wide x 40mm thick  

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